Masturbation Guide with Male Mastrubator

How about electric toys such as auto blow? Automatic hands free male masturbator sex toy

What is auto male masturbator?

What is auto male masturbator?

Auto blow is a robotic oral sex simulator specifically designed for male users only blowjob toy. It is a kind of male sex toy which is renown as a hands-free masturbator. There are no hand efforts required. Auto blow keeps realistic vaginal openings that offer extreme pleasure of masturbation. It can be used in foreplay and solo sex sessions. The real look vaginal opening will reach you at erogenous orgasmic level. Your partner may assist you too in masturbation by holding it in hands. It is a great sex toy if you don't have partner ever in your sex life.

Auto blow keeps delicate texture inside with interchangeable sleeves that can be taken in use by every kind of penis. These sleeves reach you at powerful orgasm when having masturbate. Auto blow is enabled to stroke the penis up to 6 inches that can be afforded by any size of a penis. To use this auto blow, you need to hold it and penetrate penis into it. The auto blow will be started to work and will provide you with the best hands-free pleasure. The sleeve will start moving up and down that gives an intense orgasmic level. It is easy to control the stroking motion.

It will be better to use it with lubricants for better flexibility. It provides you cosy situation and creates friction while masturbation. It may have discomfort or may occur some swellings onto penis if lubricants are not taking in use. You can use this masturbator with a condom also for taking variation in masturbation but this process will clean product too. But whenever you going to use this product, don't forget to read the exact instructions of using for avoiding any kind of interruptions, Please do maintenance as well as sex toys such as fleshlight.

What kind of auto male masturbator is available?

What kind of auto male masturbator is available

There is two kind of auto male masturbators available for taking in use - A10 Cyclone SA and A10 Cyclone R-1. Both masturbators are amazing to have fun with. It works on auto mode system. If we talk about A10 Cyclone SA it is great male masturbator for using in auto mode. It offers a hands-free experience where no hands are required for masturbation. The auto blow can be easily operated at different speeds. If you don't want to give trouble to your hands, it is an amazing sex toy for penis. Auto blow keeps the total weight around 1390 g. Its total length and width is around 29.5 cm and 11.7 cm respectively. It is available with charger, dedicated wireless adapter, smooth lotion with 50 ml and manual book.

It keeps 5 buttons - 2 buttons are for increasing and decreasing the speed. Left and right button for changing the pattern. Another one button is for on/off the product. It is a rechargeable product that is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. It takes 2 hours for full charging and can be used continuously above 2 hours. It keeps high cushioning property with a comfortable front cap.

If we talk about A10 Cyclone R-1, it is smaller in size compare to A10 Cyclone R-1. It is light in weight and keeps battery box. Large size penis cannot penetrate into it but the main work of this masturbator is to stimulate the head of a penis. It can also recharge after getting a discharge. It keeps many dissembling parts that can remove easily after using which makes it easy to wash and clean. Every part of this product is easy to wash after dissembling it. Keep this product in a safe place and never share it with anyone to avoid some diseases.

What is the feeling of real hands-free masturbation?

What is the feeling of real hands-free masturbation

Hands free masturbator is an incredible sex toy for having oral sex or for masturbation. It offers an unforgettable masturbation experience if they are beginners or they are experienced people. It is great for those who are using it first time. It is also adaptable for those couple or people who are older in age. It is ideal for those also who never had it before in their sexual life. It offers enticing experience of masturbation. If male users looking for excitement, pleasure and sensation in their cock, they can use it as a masturbator. It is the best mate for those if users are alone or if they don't have sex partner. It will reach you at steamy orgasm that will provide you best and extreme ecstasy.

Is Auto blow more pleasant than a woman?

Is Auto blow more pleasant than a woman

Auto blow is a pleasant sex toy if using it whenever you need pleasure of masturbation. It provides you more pleasant than woman if you don't have female partner. It is nice sex toy for male users if they need extra sensation for their dildo. It provides friction during masturbation. It can be use with the help of female partner. Auto blow is easy in portable or durable which can be take anywhere and can be take in use anywhere. This feature makes it more pleasant and compatible to use rather than woman. It offers you unforgettable moments so there is no need of woman partner if you have it already. It works as massager onto penis. When penis inserts into product, it starts to give massage on penis that provides pleasant experience on penis.