Masturbation Guide with Male Mastrubator

Handheld masturbators, Explain to beginners clearly in India. Get know about male masturbators

What is handheld masturbators?

How to use Male masturbator ?

Handheld masturbators is a type of a male sex toy, which is used by men. With the help of handheld masturbator, men can enjoy more sexual mastrubation pleasure. Handheld masturbators basically have a simple tuber or sleeve in which men can insert his penis. The handheld masturbator is designed like a vaginas, mouth, bottoms etc. Some handheld masturbators are designed in such a manner that it looks like a real vagina or lips,anal. It provides an extra stimulation to the male. The handheld masturbator is used for solo sex and masturbation.

There are different types of handheld masturbator are available. The handheld masturbator is made with different materials like rubber, cyber skin, silicone, plastics etc. The handheld masturbator is available in different shape and size. It is very easy to clean the handheld masturbator after the sexual activity. Some of the handheld masturbators are designed very simple whereas some masturbator is designed very complexly. It depends on the men which type of masturbator they prefer.

Men can purchase any of the handheld masturbators according to their choice. The handheld masturbator is available in different range. Some handheld masturbator is very cheap whereas some handheld masturbator is very expensive. Men can also purchase the handheld masturbators from a shop or from the online store. Is not fleshlight the most famous one?

Penetrating type, non-penetrating type ?

Simple type, penetrating type, non-penetrating type ?

The handheld masturbator is classified into three types simple type, penetration type and non-penetration type. The simple type masturbator has an inner cup. In the simple type masturbator, there is a hole which is set in a plastic container. The simple masturbator is designed in such a manner that it is very easy to use and clean. The simple type masturbator is generally inexpensive. Simple type handheld masturbator is perfect for the beginner.

The penetration type masturbator is designed in such a way that its hole extends up to the bottom. It is very easy to clean the hole. Now a day, the penetration type masturbator is not present. While using the penetrating type masturbators the male partner feels difficulty in sucking. Some of the penetrating type masturbators are very popular because of its unique softness. Non-penetrating handheld masturbators are designed in such a manner the vacuum effect is generated by removing the air. Some of the non-penetrating masturbators are very soft whereas some are very hard. It is used for a long time player and it provides a relaxed and pleasant stimulation. Men can easily clean the non-penetrating type masturbators after the sexual activity.

Disposable? Reuse?

Disposable? Reuse?

Handheld masturbators are of different types and styles. Some of the handheld masturbators disposable whereas some are reusable. It depends on the men which type of handheld masturbators they prefer disposable or reusable. The handheld masturbators which are disposable can be used only for one time. Once this type of handheld masturbators are used, then it is not reuse. This type of handheld masturbator is not expensive. Men can easily use it without any difficulty.

On the other hand, the reusable handheld masturbators are used for more than one times. Once the men can use this type of handheld masturbators then clean it properly for further use. Men can use the water, toy cleaner or antiseptic liquid to clean the handheld masturbators. After the sexual activity, the reusable handheld masturbators can be clean and kept in a safe place. The reusable handheld masturbators are kept in a cool and dry place. Men can use any types of lubricant with the handheld masturbators during the sexual activity. Both types of handheld masturbators provide a pleasure and unique feeling.

Benefits of handheld masturbators ?

Benefits of handheld masturbators ?

Using a handheld masturbator during the masturbation is a benefit for physical and mental health. If a men regular use handheld masturbator, then it helps them in many ways. Handheld masturbators help to improve the sexual life. If men use the handheld masturbators then it provides a great pleasure for them. The male does not feel difficulty while doing the sexual activity with the partners. Handheld masturbator also helps to reduce the junk food cravings.

Regular using the handheld masturbator help men to improve the sperm health. Regular using the handheld masturbator minimize the DNA damage to sperm and encourages good sperm motility. Doing the masturbation with the handheld masturbator is similar to doing exercise and provides healthy heart. Handheld masturbation helps in relieve built up stress, sleep better, boost your mind, relax, feel pleasure relieve cramps, release sexual tension, have better sex etc. Handheld masturbators also help you to provide self-pleasuring. It also helps to prevent sexually transmitted infection.