Masturbation Guide with Male Mastrubator

How to masturbate in India? What is masturbation? Masturbation effect and stimulating procedure

Do you know a correct how to masturbate for male?

Do you know a correct how to masturbate for male

Before starting the masturbator, the men should apply the lubricant according to their choice. Lubricant helps to reduce the friction. First comes into a relaxed position and then start masturbation. Men can use different types of masturbator toys. While using the masturbator toys men should make sure that it does not hurt them. It is important for men to do the masturbation in a correct manner. Mostly all the people do the masturbation. There are abundant kinds of mastrubator, fleshlight, autoblow etc. are very famous. Masturbation using such male toys (mastrubator) etc is now also normal.

What is male Masturbation ?

What is male Masturbation

Male Masturbation is the sexual method in which people touch their own genitals to have pleasure. When men touch their genital or organs to have pleasure then it is called male masturbation. Men can do the masturbator with partner or alone. Men can use different types of sex toys like vibrator and dildo to make the masturbation easier. Men can also use their own hand to stimulate the genitals. In India, most of the people masturbate regularly. There is much technique which men can use while doing the masturbation. The most common and popular technique among men is to hold the penis in his hand and move his hand up and down. As men increase the movement of their hand, the orgasm occurs. During orgasm, semen is ejaculated from the penis and male partner feel a more pleasant feeling. While doing the masturbation, men also use lubricant for softening sensation.

For stimulation, a male can touch the sensitive area like scrotum, nipple, anus etc. The other technique among men is to rub or massage the glans, the rim of the glans and frenular delta to get more stimulated. To rub or massage men can use their both hand or single hand. Men can also use dildo, vibrator or use their own finger to stimulate the anal. Men can apply the personal lubricant on the finger or on the surface of the dildo and insert it into the anal. It provides a pleasant feeling.

What is side effect of the Masturbation ?

What is side effect of the Masturbation

If men or women regular masturbating too much then it leads to a hormonal change in the body. Regular doing the masturbation does not make any harmful side effect, but some people feel guilty. While doing the masturbation, some people feel guilty because of cultural, spiritual or religious. Some people think that massage the genital area is dirty and shameful. If men regular do the masturbation, then sometimes they become addicted to masturbating. In this case, people spend too much time in masturbating, and they skip their chores or daily activities.

They also miss their work or school, cancel plans with friends and family, miss the important social events etc. If men are addicted to masturbation then it affects their relationship and personal life. In this case, men should consult with doctor or counsellor. Masturbation addicted is just like drug addicts. Regular doing the masturbation also affect the sensitivity during sex. It is important for men to change their technique during masturbation, to restore the sensitive level. The people who are addicted to masturbation, have the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is very difficult for men to control the release of sperm if men masturbate too much.

To use sex toy for masturbate in India ?

To use sex toy for masturbate in India

There are different types of sex toys are available in India. Among all the sex toys some of the sex toys are designed in such a way that it is only used at the time of masturbation. The masturbator toys which is used by men are fleshlight, prostate massager, cock ring, butt or anal plug etc. Before using any of the masturbator toys, it is important for men to clean the toy with water, toy cleaner or antiseptic liquid. Most of the masturbator toy is reusable, so it is important to clean it properly for further use. Men can apply the lubricant to reduce the friction. Men can apply some amount of the lubricant on its penis and also on the surface of the masturbator toy.

If men can use the fleshlight, then slowly insert the penis into the sleeves of the fleshlight. The sleeves of the fleshlight can easily be removed. When men use the prostate massager, then the insert the massager into the anal and stimulate the prostate or P-spot. Butt plug or anal plug is used to insert into the anal for stimulation. Men wear the cock ring at the base of the penis during masturbator or sexual activity. At the same time cock ring stimulate both men as well as female. The masturbator toys provide pleasure feeling at the time of masturbation.

Female masturbation?

Female masturbation?

When female touch their genital like vagina, clitoris etc, to have pleasure then it is called female masturbation. The female sex orgasm is most sensitive. Female use their hand or vibrator for stimulation. Women use their finger or vibrator sex toys to stimulate the vagina. Women can feel the more pleasant feeling. Women can use the different types of sex toys to stimulate the vaginal wall, G spot. anal etc.

The women who do not easily get wet can use the strong vibrator for stimulation. Women can use their index or middle finger for stroking or rubbing the clitoris and vaginal wall. It provides them more pleasant feeling. Some women use more than one finger to stimulate the G spot. Women also use their hand to caress the breast or stimulate a nipple. Women also use lubricant during masturbation, when the penetration is involved. Women can use the different position during masturbator.