Masturbation Guide with Male Mastrubator

How to maintenance male masturbators. Importance and usage of male masturbator sex toys.

Importance of maintenance of masturbators (important) ?

Importance of maintenance of masturbators

There are many male masturbator toys are available in the market for indian mastrubation. Most of the male masturbator toys are reusable. So it is important for the male to maintain the masturbator toys. The maintenance of male masturbator is important to keep them fresh, lifelike, supple, increase the lifespan of the toy etc. To maintain the masturbator toy it is important to clean and store the male masturbator toy properly. Maintenance is also required for mastrubator such as autoblow, blowjob toy and fleshlight.

The most important things about the male masturbator's toy are to clean the toy. Before and after the sexual activity it is necessary to clean the male masturbator toy with water, antiseptic soap or toy cleaner, to make it free from germs and bacteria so that you can further use it. If the masturbator's toy has vibrators or another electrical mechanism like wires and cables, then remove it before cleaning it with water. While using the male masturbators, it is important to use the correct lubricant. Avoid using the silicone based lubricant with silicone made toy.

As soon as the washing process is complete it is important to dry the toy. If you do not dry the toy after washing then there is a risk of allowing bacteria inside the toy. Men can also use the air dry to dry the masturbator toy. After cleaning the male masturbator toy store it in the dry, dust free and air accessible place.

What to do first when the masturbators arrives ?

What to do first when the masturbators arrives

When the masturbators arrive, first open and check the inside of the box. The men should open the packet and check all the equipment of the masturbator toys. If the beginner uses the masturbator toy, then it is important to read the instruction given in the instruction manual before use. Before using the masturbator toy, turn the toy and check the internal condition of the toys. Men can also check the toy while touching with the hand to check the smoothness of the masturbator toy. Before using the masturbator toys for the first time, wash it properly.

The hole of the masturbator toy which does not be checked by eyes, men use their finger to check its feeling. After the sexual activity, make sure that the deep inside the hole there is no lubricant or water. When the masturbator toy has large hole and your finger does not reach the end, then, in this case, push the toy from the back and from the front if it is soft and smooth. If men do this then his finger reach the end of the hole.

How to wash the inside out and a hidden hole ?

How to wash the inside out and a hidden hole ?

As we discussed above that it is very important to clean the masturbator toy before and after sexual activity. Men can use the water, toy cleaner or antiseptic liquid to clean the toy. Men can also use the different types of lubricant with masturbator toys. After the sexual activity first men should wipe the masturbator toy with paper. Men can use the tissue paper, toilet paper or the paper which is hard to tear, to clean the masturbator toy.

The men can wash the surface of the masturbator toy with the water. If the masturbator toy has a hole, then the internal washing is most important. To wash the internal hole, open the water tap and continue put the water from the entrance. Men can also use warm water to clean the inside of the masturbator toy. If the slippery of the internal hole does not remove then men can also use hand soap, to remove the internal slippage. It is better to use pump type liquid soap because pump type liquid can easily get inserted into the hole. Men can also use their own finger to clean the internal hole. They wrap the thin cloth or tissue paper around their finger and insert their finger into the hole. Push the toy forward and backwards to clean the internal hole.

How to take care after cleaning ?

How to take care after cleaning ?

After cleaning the masturbator's toy, it is important to dry the masturbator toy before storing it. Before drying the masturbator toy, first, clean the masturbator toy with a towel. Men can dry the masturbator toy from blowing or from the air dry. Men can also put the masturbator toy in front of the table fan, to make it dry. The other method to dry the masturbator toy is to use the air dry. With the help of air, dry men can easily dry the insertion hole of the masturbator toy. Use the air dry for 10 to 20 minutes. The insertion hole of the masturbator toy is stuffy, so it does not completely dry. After drying the masturbator apply the powder. After washing the surface of the masturbator toy get pedant and sticky. To remove the pendant and sticky apply the powder.

Storage of the masturbators ?

Storage of the masturbators ?

After cleaning, drying and powdering the masturbator toy, place it in the dry and cool place. Don't keep the masturbator toy in the direct sunlight. Make sure that the place which you select to store the masturbator toy is clean and dust free and also there is no any insect repellent or any other volatile substance. To store the toy, first, wrap the masturbator toy with small cloth or towel and then place it in a small zip pouch. Place the toy in a safe place and also keep away from the children. Keep away from the moisturizer.